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Don’t be fooled by all those “get rich quick playing online poker” guides, forget books with winning systems for beating the house at blackjack or videos on how to win the WSOP in 3 easy steps …

There are NO short cuts to becoming a winning poker player.

However you can get a lot of good, free advice available here on starting with our free introductory guide “27 Simple Secrets to Online Poker Success” which will help you avoid the most costly pitfalls a player makes, forgets or ignores …

  • Find out why total bluffs rarely work at low stakes
  • How to play Ace King – without losing your shirt
  • Why you shouldn’t have a Favourite or Lucky Poker Hand
  • How to avoiding going on tilt
  • Why you shouldn’t become a calling station
  • How to master solid bankroll management
  • The importance of making poker player notes
  • Why you should understand other poker players
  • Simple successful strategy for winning Sit N Go’s
  • Ways to stay out of trouble in MTT’s
  • How to spot and beat certain types of players
  • Why action junkies are your friend not your enemy
  • How to play small pairs profitably
  • Why you shouldn’t moan or bad mouth lucky playersAnd many more tips with links to more of our in depth articles covering our easy tips in more detail.Our updates feature poker strategy tips, weekly poker news round-up , gamblista blog, new offers and more.

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