Poker rules

Learn the basic rules of poker with our guide including the rank of poker hands (see below) including pictures of poker hands, understanding betting and different poker terms. We have all the poker rules for Texas Hold-em, Stud, Omaha, Badugi, HORSE, HOSE and ten game poker.


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The Ten Golden Rules of Poker

If you only take a few pieces of advice about playing poker then make sure you take on board these ten tips below as they will ensure that you can enjoy playing responsibly while trying to win at the tables. 1. NEVER repeat never - play with money you can't...

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Rank of Poker Hands

Rank of Poker Hands There are many variations on the game of poker, but the ranking of hands always remains the same. A poker hand is always made up of 5 cards. The value of each card highest to lowest are ace,king,queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,...

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Poker Terms

Dictionary of poker terms and poker phrases used in online poker and in live poker games. Look up those poker phrases or slag you don't understand. Definitions and explanations of the most important poker terms and some lesser known poker lingo you hear at the poker table. A Ace-High …...

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Poker Starting Hands Ranked

Knowing the strength or weakness of your starting hand (your hole cards) in Hold-em is one of the most important parts of playing poker successfully. As a new player correctly selecting which hands to play and which to lay down even BEFORE the flop is probably the single most effective...

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Texas Holdem Rules

Texas Holdem isn't just another poker variant; it's "the" poker game – the most popular, the most strategic, and by far the most common in major live poker tournaments like the WSOP. If you want to learn the rules & how to play poker, start with Texas Hold-em. Texas Hold-em...

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Omaha Hi-Lo Rules

Omaha is the 2nd most popular poker game, like Texas Hold-em it uses the three card flop, 4th turn card and 5th river card as community cards. But instead of two hole cards in Omaha you get four. The hi-lo version of Omaha is used in HORSE games. Omaha Hi-Lo...

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Horse Poker Rules

HORSE Poker is not just another poker variant, but a mixed game involving 5 popular poker variations. It takes a very experienced poker player to win a session of HORSE. You'll not only need to know how each poker variant is played, but develop a solid H.O.R.S.E poker strategy. HORSE...

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Badugi Rules

Badugi Poker has been tipped to take the poker world by storm as a wildly different variation to the highly popular Texas Hold-em. Badugi has an interesting history, originally started in Korea is its also known as Asian Poker, Badougi or Padooki poker. It is a triple draw, low hand,...

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7 Card Stud Rules

Seven Card Stud has always been one of the most popular poker variants, any dedicated poker player should add it to their game along with 7 card stud 8 or better. In this introduction, we will discuss the rules of 7 Card Stud, followed by the best seven Card Stud...

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7 Card Stud Eight or Better Rules

7 Card Stud Eight or Better, also known as Stud Hi-Lo, is one of the most popular Stud variants in the world of poker. It is a tricky game, since you are not just trying to get the highest ranking poker hand, but also the lowest. The highest and lowest...

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