Casino Rules

This section covers all the rules of the most popular classic casino games like blackjack, roulette, craps & baccarat. Each have their own odds, which will favour the house and simple strategies to minimise that house edge.

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It’s also worth noting that if your playing in live casinos then you will have to follow any additional rules of the casinoand any possible dress-code that may apply in the casino. One big advantage of playing online casinos is there isn’t any dress code – play in a dinner jacket if you like but you could just as easily play in your underpants.

The 10 Golden Rules of Playing Online Casinos

Follow these common sense rules when choosing and playing at an online casino and you will ensure that you have an enjoyable, exciting and safe experience.

#1 NEVER gamble with money you cannot afford to loose

Listen it’s not rocket science, if your short of cash then gambling is not going to be your route out of financial difficulties. Only bet or gamble with money you can afford to loose. That’s after you’ve paid the rent / mortgage, bills, fed the family and put something on one side for a rainy day.

As long as you can afford to loose – Nobody should dictate how you want to spend your money. If you want to gamble, take up deep sea fishing, or if you want to pi** it away on £1000 a year golf club membership – then fill your boots – it’s your choice.

But ONLY if you can afford to lose taking a gamble for fun and without harming you or your families financial security … If you have responsibilities – Be responsible for them.

#2 NEVER borrow money to gamble

Borrowing money is generally a pretty poor (and costly) idea if you don’t need to so you certainly should NEVER borrow money to gamble. If you do or have then you need to seriously think about whether you might be getting a gambling problem. Deal with it early before it does become a problem – Borrowed money is dear money.

#3 NEVER gamble more to chase your losses

You shouldn’t be trying one of those bullsh*t casino wining systems anyway (they don’t work) but the absolute last thing you should do is bet good money after bad. Set your limit or your stop loss and stick to it – Go home or switch off the computer when you’ve lost your limit (or won) your target.

#4 Read and understand bonus play through requirements

There is no such thing as a free lunch, so while bonuses are generally worth making use of it is important to understand and consider play through requirements to clear any bonuses.

You will almost certainly be required to wager your money more times through your account than you would expect if you haven’t checked and read individual requirements. Also different games count more or less than others for clearing a bonus or counting towards your wagering requirement eg. gambling on blackjack will be worth less than playing on slots and all sites requirements are slightly different.

#5 Make sure you register honestly and completely

Legitimate casinos and gaming sites will be keen to make sure they comply with applicable law as far as possible where they can which includes making sure they have followed “Know Your Customer” KYC guidelines to make sure your not under-age and to make sure they payout to YOU and not to someone pretending to be you. This is for YOUR protection as well as the casino’s due diligence.

If you try to get round any network or casino rules like multi-accounting by submitting fraudulent information or ID’s or setting up multiple accounts in different names and then it bites you on the behind when you try to withdrawal winnings – don’t blame the casino if they close your account and don’t pay.

#6 Don’t Drink & Gamble

Simple one really, drinking impairs your judgement so if you wouldn’t drive after a couple of pints then don’t sit down at the computer half cut with your credit card in one hand and another beer in the other.

#7 Don’t Play at Unknown or Unproven Sites

When you play casino games online you will probably win a bit, lose a bit, win a bit and lose a bit but if you should actually hit a bit jackpot or have a big win and you want to withdrawal you winnings – You want to be 100% confident that your winnings would turn up in your bank account. Gambling at unknown or unproven sites just because of an unusually big bonus or tempting offer is pretty fool hardy because you may find they don’t pay, have arduously high play through requirements to cash-out or simply run off with your cash – Don’t take any chances, play with the established sites and game software providers.

#8 Be polite to other members of the casino

This applies both live and online, nobody appreciates a sore looser, a bad sport or people bad mouthing each other.

#9 Be polite to Support & Staff

Support staff and systems are there to help players have an enjoyable experience online, they’re not there to be ranted at by drunk or abusive people who expect good service despite behaving like morons. Many times a polite approach to support has resulted in a much better solution to a problem than ranting guns blazing making a big problem out of nothing.

#10 Don’t bitch and moan about rigged casino software

The simple reality is casino games have a legitimate built in house edge just from the rules of the games like blackjack, roulette, slot games and games of chance. They don’t have to cheat you to win in the long run even after they have paid out big winners on their games.

But we DO need to know about the rogue sites, the bad payers, sites that stiff players or go into no pay mode or come up with small print nobody would notice.

There are so many utterly pointless and groundless complaints about legitimate online casinos by sore losers via social media and member review sites that inexperienced players find it increasingly hard to avoid the genuinely bad casinos and find the genuine rogue casino reports … Please don’t cry wolf.

Casino Game Rules

Baccarat Rules – Despite how easy it is to learn how to play, Baccarat remains a mystery to many. The ultimate goal is to make a hand that has a value as close to 9 as possible.

Blackjack Rules – The most popular casino card games, blackjack, also known as ’21’ is extremely easy to pick up and is one of the few games that offers the least house edge.

Roulette Rules – Roulette is considered one of the classier casino games, attracting the ritzier types with excessive bankrolls. Just because it is known as the “game of kings”.

Craps Rules – A player can easily learn the two most basic bets, the pass line and don’t pass bet. Then they can expand into all of the other bets that can be made on the craps table.