Gambling Horoscopes & Poker Star Signs

International horoscope sensation Septic Peg, Gamblista’s new resident gypsy astrologist tells you what type of poker player you are based on your star signs, suggesting good hands and maybe predicting a hot streak in her astrological poker star sign predictions. Any similarity or confusion between Gamblista’s “Septic Peg” and (has...

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TJ Cloutier

Libra - October 13, 1939 Thomas James "TJ" Coutier was born on October 13, 1939 in Albany, California. TJ has led a rather interesting life to say the least. As a young man, he played football for U.C Berkeley where he also participated in the 1959 Rose Bowl. After TJ...

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Steven Begleiter

Steven Begleiter a financial businessman by trade, is another member of the WSOP 2009 November Nine with no real past experience in live poker tournaments. He has never cashed in an event, and suddenly he stands to walk away with no less than $1.2 million. Steven plays regular home games,...

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Phil Laak

Virgo - September 8, 1972 Phil Laak aka the Unabomber, was born and raised in Dublin Ireland and later moved to the United States to study mechanical engineering at the University of Massachusetts. It was at university where he met Antonio Esfandiari and the pair ended up travelling to various...

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Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is by far the most decorated professional poker player to make the WSOP 2009 November Nine, Phil Ivey is a 7 time WSOP bracelet winner with nearly $10 million in live cashes. He is a member of the Full Tilt Pros, where he's earned countless in high-stakes cash...

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Phil Gordon

Cancer - July 16, 1964 Phil Gordon (Tiltboy) is one of the more familiar names in poker not only for his professional career as a player but also as a well respected author and commentator - Phil was one of the lucky players. After graduating from Georgia Tech with a...

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Patrik Antonus

Patrik Antonius, now a sponsored pro for Full Tilt Poker is often referred to as the pretty boy of poker. A former model and leading tennis coach, this Finland player first broke into the circuit during the 2005 WPT where he placed in various events. That same year he finished...

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Mike Caro

Taurus - May 16, 1944 Mike Caro is one of the legends of poker is on the same pedestal as Doyle Brunson. Nicknamed The Mad Genius of Poker, Caro has authored multiple books on poker strategy, psychology and is one of the few players who is considered to be an...

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Kevin Shafell

Kevin Schaffel is the oldest member of the WSOP 2009 November Nine at 51 years, he has been playing live cash games for quite some time now. His live tournament exploits have resulted in 6 cashes worth $168k. The first and most significant cash of his career came in the...

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Justin Bonomo

Justin Bonomo, also known online as "ZeeJustin" is an up in comer in the live poker circuit, however online game has had plenty of controversy over the last few years. He started playing poker at 16, and prior to that had shown interest in the card game "Magic" . Name:...

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