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Gamblista’s Guide to Playing Poker Online

Unlike house games where the casino always has an edge, poker is played against other players and not the house so can you create your own edge by becoming a better player and winning more. Using your skill, improving your game and making sure you play weaker opponents than you it is possible to be a consistent winner playing poker.

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Originally started as part of a poker forum our strategy, reviews and guides have now been incorporated into the “all things gambling” guide offering a wide range of free gambling resources including the rules of card games, poker strategy articles & tips. We also have a weekly gambling blog with news and opinion from the world of gambling and poker.

Gamblista’s guide to playing poker includes the basics like learning the rules and how to play with our helpful strategy tips & guides. Read our online room reviews and get exclusive bonus offers.

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Playing in soft games at easy to win sites means to can take advantage of the worst, weakest and easiest to beat players. Increase your profit playing the fish finding the sites with soft games, weak competition and most importantly avoid the sharks.

How to Win at Online Poker … Play Weaker Players

Savvy poker players will over time profit from the weaker less skilled players at the poker tables. It can be frustrating playing bad players who get luck but ultimately skill does win out over luck in poker. You should look for high % to the flop percentages for loose fishy games.

One of our most important rating features is fish factor or juicy the games are and how easy it is to win at a site. How bad the players are is crucial to how much easier it is to turn a profit at each site and should be your number 1 priority.

888 Poker is a great example of a site with plenty of fish

Easy win sites tend to be either full of loose aggressive maniacs who cannot help but gamble, or loose passive players who always call but rarely bluff. Some sites have a combination of both and include a lot of beginner players or gamblers who don’t work on their poker game – they are called fish and they are where your profit lies.

Why Spotting Loose Poker Games Is Important

It’s no secret that over the past few years the standard of poker players has generally been getting better. So with % to the flop percentages falling it has become harder and harder to find loose and easier to win games online. However this “problem” is particularly easy to see at the bigger sites and sites where multi-tabling and rakeback tend to attract nitty tighter players who pull down the % to the flop numbers.

Read my blog article about why you should avoid playing PokerStars ring games and look for looser sites that attract more recreation players where you will find it easier to profit.

Previously we could discuss games where in the micro stakes % to the flop rates would hit the 40% mark … not any more, in generally I would pull highest expectations back to around 30% being a now generally loose game. At the micro limits its still worth noting that the average pot sizes are still way bigger than you would expect proportionately to blinds so the games are still generally bad and beatable – it’s just there are a lot more people marginally better at trying to beat those games. At the mid and upper stakes again there are still fish at the table but you will have to work a little harder at spotting them and the proportion of bad to moderate to good players will be tougher than a few years ago.

Despite all the talk of players getting better and the need to hone your skills at the micro stakes the danger is you move away from basic ABC Tight Aggressive poker and instead start to suffer from “Fancy Play Syndrome” where you start to play (or think your playing) like a poker God with fancy moves and clever plays – The trouble is at the micro stakes players simply will not notice your “cunning” bet sizes and 4 bet re-raises clearly showing strength.

Types of poker player that make for easy winnings

You must adjust your play to your table – If its full of basic gamblers looking for fun the they will pretty much call anything (within reason) and rarely fold. Accept those facts and play accordingly betting for value and bluffing very very rarely.

Loose passive players (or typical fish) play way too loose and will continue in a hand provided it’s not too expensive. They don’t calculate pot odds or expected odds, in fact they won’t be calculating any kind of poker odds. They will quite simply bet and call if they have caught ANY part of the flop or improve over the turn and river.

With this in mind you should be able to see exactly why you should NOT bluff loose passive players but bet for value on every street.

Once you move up to higher stakes games you may need to be a bit more adaptable especially if everyone or most players are playing tight aggressive poker this tends to make the flop % get lower and lower and the tightening of the game will in itself tighten the game more.

Rarely will you find a table full of entirely fish or a certain type of poor player, you have to make some sort of player notes or tagging to sort the player types. In this way you will be able to focus the correct play for the correct player.

Notes allow you to avoiding mistakes like trying to bluff loose passive and loose aggressive players by bluffing. It also enables you to crudely assess the strength and composition of a table before joining from your previous experiences playing those players.

Avoid The Sharks & Avoid The Grinders

When you are looking for a site with a higher number of maniac loose aggressive and loose passive players you are also aiming to avoid your two worst opponents

a) Tight Aggressive Players (TAG)

Who will likely out play you when they need to and if they are particularly rock like then they will just grind your profit down as they try to grind out on multiple tables. Generally these tight players will make your winning pots small, percentage to flop rates are low and opportunities to make easy profits are reduced the more TAG players there are at a table.

b) Calculated Loose Aggressive Players

On the face of it LAG’s offer profit potential because of their over aggressive betting and maniac gambling but you will find players who can change gears and use a calculated loose aggressive style can out play middling ABC tight aggressive players and tight rocks – so beware.

Making Your Life Easy

The bottom line – is your bottom line

There is absolutely no real reason to sit in tougher games if you can find easier to win opportunities. It’s that simple, put easy profit before vanity and a need for fancy play.

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“They came into the casino like they were Oceans Eleven – total gamblistas” – The complete online guide to gambling for the discerning gambler – Reviews, strategy, tips, news & lifestyle. Evolving from the original online poker forum … read more

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