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Online Gambling Guide for the Discerning Gambler is your complete gambling lifestyle guide with everything for the connoisseur gambler – the gamblista … Including lifestyle, history, latest gambling news and opinion, how to improve your game and understanding the basics of how to play cards, casino games, sports betting, bingo, fantasy league & financial betting as well as honest site reviews & tips.

At we are passionate about giving honest advice about online gambling and information of interest to any would be connoisseur gambler …

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We regularly add new gambling information like betting tips, playing strategy, casino guides, bingo and slots reviews, even information on financial betting and forex trading – Gamblista aims to be a one stop shop for all things gambling … Subscribe to our email updates

Our team have been providing honest reviews of online casino and gambling sites since 2005 – Giving you the information you really need to choose a good site, including reliability, how trustworthy and establish, new games & playability not just focussing on bonus offers or our commission … NO hard sell, NO bullsh*t – Just honest & informed opinions on the best places to gamble online.

Gambling is an enjoyable luxury – not an easy way to earn money … NEVER gamble money you cannot afford to loose, NEVER borrow money to gamble, NEVER gamble more to chasing losses, NEVER gamble while drunk … Seek help if you have a gambling problem.

Please gamble responsibly 18+ ONLY … When the fun stops – STOP and get help … | |

Gambling Guide

roulette rules

Gambling Guide

Online Gambling – Gamblista’s guide to Gambling As well as our specific guides to playing classic casino games, playing card games like Texas Holdem and betting on sports we have some general guides like how to deposit at a gambling site including the easiest , safest and most trusted deposit options and how to download your...

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Poker Guide

poker table

Poker Guide

Gamblista’s Guide to Playing Poker Online Unlike house games where the casino always has an edge, poker is played against other players and not the house so can you create your own edge by becoming a better player and winning more. Using your skill, improving your game and making sure you play weaker opponents than you...

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Casino Guide

roulette table

Casino Guide

Gamblista’s Guide to Playing Online Casinos Your online guide to the best casinos & online casino games, including full reviews of the best sites and bonuses on offer. Featuring established online casinos, well known brands as well as new casinos and those offering games with live dealers. Only the best make into our guide so you...

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Sports Betting Guide

betting on horse racing

Sports Betting Guide

Our complete guide to sports betting from how to bet online, types of betting odds to betting tips & honest reviews of the best sports books & sites. Betting advice on all sports - eSports, PGA, WRC, golf, NFL, soccer, MBL, rugby, NHL, darts, WWE, MMA, UFC, sumo, NBA, boxing, hockey, F1, Nascar, tennis, baseball, horse...

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Financial Trading Guide

financial trading

Financial Trading Guide

This is your complete guide to Forex Trading where we will help you find out about betting on financial markets. Please remember Forex Trading is NOT investing and should not be treated as such. It is high risk speculation and like gambling you can lose all of your stake money. Never gamble or trade money that...

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888 Casino

888 Casino Review 888 Casino has been providing customers with an excellent casino experience. They are a fully licensed and regulated casino with the best rated security ... read more

888 Poker

888 Poker Review That 888Poker offers some of the most fish filled games online should be reason enough to play there, but it has also grown massively over ... read more

888 Sport

888 Sport

888 Sport Review 888 Sports has been providing gamblers with an excellent betting experience for years. They are a fully licensed and regulated UK betting site with the best ... read more

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888 Ladies

888 Ladies Bingo Review 888Ladies is an online bingo site marketed somewhat stereotypically towards women gamblers, as most online bingo generally is, but it is open to all ... read more


NOUN  / gam· /

noun: gamblista; plural noun: gamblistas

1. a connoisseur of gambling and the gamblers lifestyle.
2. a discerning gambler with a taste for high class gambling

“He bet 10k straight up on 8 black – so gamblista”

“Such a gamblista … she bluffed him all the way to the river then pushed all-in”

“They walked in like they were Oceans  Eleven – total gamblistas”

Please gamble responsibly 18+ ONLY is the complete online guide to gambling for the discerning gambler. Evolving from the original online poker forum created in 2005 by Rob “scrawnybob” Lacey … read more