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Gamblista’s Guide to Playing Online Casinos

Your online guide to the best casinos & online casino games, including full reviews of the best sites and bonuses on offer. Featuring established online casinos, well known brands as well as new casinos and those offering games with live dealers. Only the best make into our guide so you can avoid rogue rooms and find the right choice for you.

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Guides to online casino games including blackjack, roulette & slots, plus information on the best bonuses, no deposit casinos and best places to play with the most reliable established names in the business. We give you all the information you need to choose the best and most suitable online casino for an enjoyable gambling.

With a vast array of online casinos vying for your action we recommend you start with one of our well known choices above. Check out our reviews to safely avoid some of the less well-known and unprofessional rogue casino operators which we would not recommend.

Recommended Casino Sites
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These are currently our 3 highly recommended casino sites based on what we think casino gamblers should most look for in a good site, with decent bonus offers and most importantly are established & trustworthy.

Winning Casino Strategies

Many online sites will tell you they have a winning roulette strategy or tempt you with a super secret betting system that could win millions. Maybe they are peddling a “foolproof” blackjack strategy or a “how to win” roulette system, or selling an ebook for beating the casino’s …

DONT buy them, DONT believe them – They are all bullsh*t

At there are no false promises of guaranteed riches

There are no winning systems to beat casino games – In the long run casinos will always win because the honestly run games have an intrinsic built in house edge.

Do You want to know the stone cold truth ?

They don’t need to cheat you, they make their money over millions of games using the law of averages and the knowledge that their games have a house edge that gives them a slight advantage over the total number of bets. Yes there are winners (and the casinos love them too) but over the long run there will be just enough losers more than winners to make them a nice profit.

So all these “systems” are a con then ?

Yes pretty much, although card counting in a live casino does work (it’s legal but will get you barred) the reality is that when you play casino games you can ONLY minimise (though never remove) the house edge in a lot of games by playing a “near optimal game”, which basically translates as not playing like a total retard.

If you play badly or without any thought or game selection then the house will enjoy a massive edge over you, or you can play statistically correctly to minimise the house edge.

This won’t make you a long term winning player but it should mean you loose the minimum over the long term and have a lot of fun enjoying the highs and lows and excitement of winning and losing along the way.

Minimising the House Edge

One of the best casino games to play with the lowest house edge’s is Blackjack assuming you follow the simple rules for how to play each number value the casino edge can be reduced to less than 1% against you. Some of the least friendly games like some video poker and slots games can have a 5% and higher house advantage.

One of the most popular games for attracting “winning systems” junkies and theorists is Roulette, quite simply strategies like the Martingale system, doubling your bet after losing (or in the anti Martingale system doubling after a winning bet) simply DO NOT work. They are con’s and popular myths and crutches for winning players to kid themselves they have found the winning system and for losing players to get ripped off pinning their hopes on something odds defying.

DO NOT kid yourself – In the long run the house always wins, it might be your money, it might be someone else’s money but in the end they will win.

They WILL payout big winners, they will do it happily because the casino knows that their honest games (and they are) have a built in designed cash machine to nibble away over 1000’s of bets to scratch out a profit – The casinos are the ones with the winning casino strategy.

Just accept it, choose a reliable deposit method and just enjoy casino games for what they are – Enjoyable gambles where you win some and lose some, just make sure you gamble with money you can afford to loose and if you win then all the better.

Trust, Established & Reliable Sites

The other really important issue is to play at safe, established and reliable sites – like the ones we recommend. Yes we get a commission but we never recommend sites we don’t trust and believe in for our visitors and players.

There are other sites out there with good information – However many sites are just interested in their commission and will recommend any old pile of dodgy casinos just because they get paid to boost their sign-ups.

Gamblista’s Tip – Your Better off Playing Online Poker

My tip is if you do win some money on the casino games take it straight to the poker tables and learn to play poker which is a game without a house edge (just rake) and a genuine chance to win real money long term IF you put some effort in to learn the game.

However the reality is you will need to work at becoming a winning poker player so if your just looking for some fun and excitement burning off some spare cash having a bit of a gamble then there is nothing wrong with having a bit of fun at the roulette or blackjack tables – Just don’t give up your day job.

Casinos Guides

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Casino Rules – Easy guide for new players with rules to all the classic casino games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps and more including odds and betting options.


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