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Online Gambling – Gamblista’s guide to Gambling

As well as our specific guides to playing classic casino games, playing card games like Texas Holdem and betting on sports we have some general guides like how to deposit at a gambling site including the easiest , safest and most trusted deposit options and how to download your first gaming site so you can gamble responsibly and enjoy a flutter affordably.

10 Golden Rules | About Bonuses

Also our articles and tips include recommendations of other sites and resources we have found useful or interesting. Also we regularly update our readers with the latest gambling news and opinion.

Gamble Responsibly – Have Affordable Fun

There is no doubt gambling can be a fun, exciting and glamorous way to spend your money. As long as you can afford to lose the money your gambling with – then have fun, enjoy the thrill of taking a shot at winning big.

Are You Still Better Off Learning To Play Poker ?

Remember that in the long run – The house (or the bookmaker) always wins (averaged out over all the action and all the players) – As they say “you never see a poor bookie”. That shouldn’t stop you trying to beat the house or break the bookie there are always lucky players and that might just be you … but be realistic – gambling is an enjoyable luxury it is not an easy way to earn a living.

Gambling can be exciting & entertaining if you follow the 3 golden rules of gambling …

#1 NEVER gamble with money you cannot afford to lose.

#2 NEVER borrow money to gamble.

#3 NEVER gamble more to chase your losses.

You Might Not Beat the House In the Long Run – But You Can Have Fun Trying

All casino games are designed with a house edge which is just enough in the long run for them to make a profit overall, even after they payout to the winners, the jackpots and everyone who gets lucky. The only exception is poker – which is why I mostly play poker.

Poker is not played against the house it’s played against other gamblers, there is no house edge (just the rake), it’s a skill game and therefore it’s a game you can beat, winning against other players and improving your game to make a profit in the long run – If you put the effort in.

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Casino – Including casino rules and odds for classic games like blackjack, craps, roulette, live games and all the casino table games available online and more.

Poker – Including the learning the rules and how to play with our helpful tips & strategy guides. Our honest reviews of the best online rooms and exclusive bonus offers.

Slots & Games – Everything about online slots including game and site reviews, payouts, video poker and other online games you can gamble on, like deal or no deal.

Bingo – Including bingo lingo, number nicknames and where to find the best bonuses, chatrooms and all the bingo games.

Betting – Everything about sports betting, the basics, tips and best places to bet on your favourite sports and finding the latest novelty bets.

Gambling Lifestyle – Casinos, watches, cars, clothes and travel … everything for the connoisseur gambler.


NOUN  / gam· /

noun: gamblista; plural noun: gamblistas

1. a connoisseur of gambling and the gamblers lifestyle.
2. a discerning gambler with a taste for high class gambling

“She placed 50k straight up on red  32 – so gamblista”

“Such a gamblista … he bluffed to the river with nothing but air then put him to an all-in decision”

“They came into the casino like they were Oceans Eleven – total gamblistas” – The complete online guide to gambling for the discerning gambler – Reviews, strategy, tips, news & lifestyle. Evolving from the original online poker forum … read more