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Like most casino games, there really is no winning strategy to guarantee a profit from online slot machines. But just because slots offer no winning betting strategies, does not mean there aren’t a few things you can do to minimise the house edge and increase your odds of winning a bit.

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Our first tip, however, has nothing to do with a winning strategy, but rather maximum entertainment value. Be sure to play an online slot machine that you genuinely enjoy. This way, if you don’t come out with a profit, you won’t be nearly as disappointed.

These are currently our 3 favourite sites for games and slots with the biggest range of games including the latest slots as well as unusual games. Most importantly these sites are part of established online casinos and have proven they are trustworthy.

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Online Slots Strategy Tip #1 – Bankroll Goals

First and foremost, set your goals and stick to them. Decide what you would consider to be a decent profit, and if you hit that mark, stop. Set reasonable goals. If you’re bringing $50, don’t expect to double it. A $20 profit is pretty good for online slots. When you hit it, stop. Casinos make most of their money from players who decide to keep going, even when they know they should stop. Also know how much you are willing to lose, and don’t go beyond it. If your funds get wiped, cut your losses and consider it the price you pay for entertainment – just like going to a concert or dinner and a film.

Online Slots Strategy Tip #2 – Bonus Multipliers

Choosing an online slot machine isn’t just about finding a theme that catches your eye. You should be looking for the lost that is going to have the best payout for your wagers. There are slots machines known as “Multipliers” and “Bonus Multipliers”. You want to find the latter of the two. A multiplier slots offers evenly rising payouts for inserting no coins, therefore no advantage to the player for betting more. For example, a specific combination may pay 3x for 1 coin, 6x for 2 coins and 9x for the max 3 coins. A Bonus Multiplier slot will pay more than 9x for max coins, may 12x or even 15x. This encourages players to spend more, but if you’re going to play, you might as well increase your profit potential, not lower it.

Online Slots Strategy Tip #3 – Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots are a double edged sword; costly and rarely rewarding, but with a shiny glean that attracts so many. The truth is, progressive slots aren’t all that bad if you play for entertainment more than payouts, as there’s still the chance of taking a massive prize home for your efforts. The problem is that progressives have to take in a lot of cash in order to pay out that eventually mega slots prize win, therefore they don’t offer winning spins as often as regular online slots. Another problem is that the rules of progressive often state you must play max coins, in a minimum denomination, in order to release the jackpot. Hitting that perfect winning combo with a smaller wager will reward a much lower, incredibly disappointing prize, compared to what might have been.

Online Slots Strategy Tip #4 – Free Spins

Look for an online slot machine that offers free spins for achieving certain combinations. These free spin bonuses are often the most profitable way to play online slots. Free spins with multiplied winnings are even better. Make sure you have a large enough bankroll to last at least 50 spins so that you have a decent shot of hitting the free spins bonus at least once. When free spins are running, the winnings are often multiplied, and the chance of hitting a winning combo always seems to be much higher.

Online Slots Strategy Tip #5 – Slots Bonuses

Every online casino offers bonuses, but some of them present exceptionally high bonuses for slots players. Slots Bonuses must be cleared by playing online slots, but if you came to play the slots anyway, why not take some free cash to do it? If a typical bonus is 100% up to $200, a typical Slots Bonus would be more like 400% up to $1,000. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

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