Gus Hansen

Aquarius - February 13, 1974 Gus Hansen, also referred to as "The Great Dane" was born in Denmark and prior to making it big in the poker world was a world class backgammon player and elite tennis player. It was in 1997 that he made the move to playing poker...

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Erick Lindgren

Leo - August 11, 1976 Erick Lindgren, aka E-Dog was born in Burney California. An established professional poker player and author, Lindgren plays for Team Full Tilt Poker and has placed in more money finishes than any other player. Earning himself a total of two World Poker Tour titles, one...

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Eric Buchmann

Eric Buchman is a professional poker player hailing from Valley Stream, New York. He has seen a good number of successful cashes in live poker tournaments, earning nearly $1 million over 22 cashes. At 29 years of age, he is now guaranteed to take home the biggest cash of his...

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David Williams

Gemini - June 9, 1980 David Williams is a professional Magic player, turned pro poker player. His career in Magic: The Gathering was only short-lived although profitable. He entered the Magic Pro Tour in the late 90's and during his first year had won over $30,000. During 2001 he earned...

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Darvin Moon

Darvin Moon has to be feeling rather comfortable in his current chip-lead position. Owner of his own logging company, he is certainly no professional poker player. In fact, he reminds us much of last years chip leader going into the final table, Dennis Phillips. A 45 year old working man...

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Barry Greenstein

Capricorn - December 30, 1954 Barry Greenstein is one of the most well known names in the poker circuit and online poker. He has achieved more then what most players dream of accomplishing in their life time, and is known for his astounding ability to adapt to all forms of...

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Antoine Saout

Antoine Saout is a 25 years old, hailing from Saint Martin des Champs, France, He has absolutely no recorded experience playing live poker tournaments. Having just started playing poker about 18 months ago, and won a seat in the 2009 WSOP Main Event through a $50 satellite from the online...

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Allen Cunningham

Aries - March 28, 1977 Allen Cunningham is one of the leading professional poker players, and joined Team Full Tilt when he was sponsored by Full Tilt Poker in 2006. He has earned more than $10,000,000 in live tournament winnings, which makes him one of the top earning professional players...

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NOUN  / gam· /

noun: gamblista; plural noun: gamblistas

1. a connoisseur of gambling and the gamblers lifestyle.
2. a discerning gambler with a taste for high class gambling

“She placed 50k straight up on red  32 – so gamblista”

“Such a gamblista … he bluffed to the river with nothing but air then put him to an all-in decision”

“They came into the casino like they were Oceans Eleven – total gamblistas” – The complete online guide to gambling for the discerning gambler – Reviews, strategy, tips, news & lifestyle. Evolving from the original online poker forum … read more